::MANTHAN T-SHIRTS ARE AVAILABLE NOW:::::The Events Are Starting on 6'th oct ::

Friday, August 20, 2010


The institute emphasizes qualitative education / training, building of cultural values and development of dynamic personality. One such platform is MANTHAN, the annual fest organised by the institute which provides multiple opportunities to management students to showcase their talents and enhance their personalities.

MANTHAN signifies a celebration of applied management skills, knowledge and entertainment.

Events in MANTHAN provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate business knowledge, leadership skills, time management skills, communication skills, imagination, creativity and a host of other talents in an environment full of fun and learning.

This year we are celebrating Manthan on 6th to 8th October 2010

Students’ learning from Manthan

Preparations for Manthan begin months in advance with inputs and contributions from management, faculty, staff and students. Students are involved as participants, volunteers, members of the students’ council and of various organizing committees. They learn practical applications of theoretical learning in the following areas:

Finance – budgeting, getting sponsors, negotiating rates and prices,

Marketing – contacting colleges, generating curiosity and interest, ensuring wide coverage of events by the media,

Systems – developing user-friendly options for all computer requirements during the events and

HR – working in teams, leadership styles, stress management, conflict management, motivation skills, co-operation, fair competition.

As the years have gone by, MANTHAN has not just lived up to the expectations of its aficionados but surpassed them and earned itself a prominent spot in the cultural calendar of college goers. It is definitely a mind – blowing experience whose memories will last the student for a life time.